Our primary UK t shirt, mug and water bottle manufacturer use packaging that is plastic free and  either 100% recyclable, biodegradable, or both.*


We mainly use a manufacturer in the UK whose inks for t shirts, mugs and water bottles are vegan, water-based inks and are OEKO-TEX® approved.*


We don’t hold stock on our premises, each item is produced just for you, so wastage is reduced.

What happens if there is a t shirt misprint during manufacture?

For items printed in the UK, if an item fails pre-dispatch quality checks, the manufacturer, where appropriate, will give the item to charity, so the item is used and not wasted.

*Can you guarantee the item will be plastic free and vegan inks used?

*We try very hard to help our planet by trying not to generate plastic waste. Our main manufacturer is based in the UK and uses plastic free packaging and vegan inks. At busy times, we do occasionally work with alternative printers in delivery country and in the UK whose inks are not vegan and whose packaging contains a small amount of clear plastic tape or plastic tube caps.